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Global Insights Video Collection / ADA

The Global Insights Video Collection, a combination of the former Environmental Insights and ADA Collections, is available for loan to organizations and individuals throughout New Jersey via interlibrary loan through the South Orange Public Library. To see the entire collection go to www.sopl.org and click on Global Insights Film and Video Collection. For more information you can contact the Library at the information below:

South Orange Public Library
65 Scotland Rd.
South Orange, NJ 07079

The following works have been added to the Global Insights Collection in 2010:

BREAKING BOUNDARIES: The Art of Alex Masket, 19 min. - Dennis Connors - Montclair, NJ
This gripping and insightful documentary chronicles the story of 22 year Alex Masket, an extraordinary, young man who has created a rich and varied body of work through which he expresses himself vibrantly. Appraisals of Alex’s work by art experts testifies to the quality of his creations. The wholly individualistic style of Alex Masket helps bring ideas about artistic communication and the creative impulse into focus. “Is Alex’s art not clear evidence of a highly articulate, even amazing visual language that is just as meaningful as verbal language?” “Is it not our own limitations that establishes the primacy of verbal communication over the visual, and in fact is not Alex just as much a fully realized, creative human being as anyone?” More about Alex and his art can be found at Alex Masket Gallery - www.aemcreations.com.

The following works have been added to the Global Insights Collection in 2008:

ROOFTOP BEES, 15 min. - Melissa Lohman Wild - Sunnyside, NY
It is about a retired resident of upper Manhattan who decides that raising bees atop his building would be something to do. He tells his story as he makes honey in this compelling video work. The film is a charming documentary that provides worthwhile and interesting insight into the world of the beekeeper. Now more important that ever, bees are key to pollination of many agricultural products, so bee colony collapse has become a growing national concern. But this is a film about a genuine individualist that will tickle anyone’s fancy.

ONE OF THE LAST, 11 min. - Paul Zinder - Rome, Italy
A lively character study shot in the hills above Rome, the film is about a craggy yet vibrant 78-year-old farmer who loves his life and work growing grapes, potatoes, and olive and cherry trees. The farmer wonders why anyone would want to be part of the “modern” world, with its cacophony of cell phone, traffic, and talking computers. He gently holds a grasshopper, explaining its connection to the ecology of his farm while reciting his mantra: “humanity misbehaves, and allows the earth’s creatures to suffer.” The farmer is one of the last of his kind, a man in harmony with nature, but nonetheless wise and a man of the earth.

PHOENIX DANCE, 16 min. - Karina Epperline - Los Angeles, CA
It is an extraordinary film about the one-legged dancer Homer Avila, who in March 2001 discovered that the pain in his hip was due to cancer. A month later, his right leg and much of his hip were amputated. But the dancer heroically trooped on in a journey of artistic transformation.

BODY & SOUL: DIANA & KATHY, 40 min. - Alice Elliott - New York, NY
This piece is about two women who are friends and advocates for people with disabilities, and who continue to explore innovative solutions for them. From birth, Kathy struggled with Down Syndrome and Diana battled Cerebral Palsy. Through their experiences living outside of institutions for 35 years, they become advocates for choices in housing for people with disabilities. With her documentary, Alice Elliott pays homage to these women by observing their interaction and daily experiences over a period of several years.

RACHEL CARSON RETURNS, 30 min. - Lilith Lynn Rogers - Sebastopol, CA
This film introduces to the inspiring and groundbreaking like and words of one of the most important writers of our time. Rogers becomes Rachel Carson and guides us through the often difficult but never defeated journey Carson took to produce her eye-opening 1962 book, “Silent Spring”. In this piece, Roger’s performance is illustrated with an almost continuous stream of images of nature and photos from Rachel Carson’s life.

ADA - American with Disabilities Act
As a nationally touring program, The Black Maria Film and Video Festival proactively supports and advocates ADA Accessibility Guidelines. People with disabilities and their companions or liaisons are welcome to contact the festival office prior to a scheduled screening event in order to assertain and confirm the specific accessibility features of the host venue. Whenever possible a festival associate supply the contact information for the host venue in order to confirm any needed accommodations. The Festival also posts approved ADA symbols indicating each host venue’s accessibility features on it’s tour poster listing and is pleased to provide enlarged program notes to individuals with impaired vision. The Festival will also seek to facilitate procurement of Assisted Listening Signing or Closed Captioning resources. For these special accommodations, the Festival must be contacted at least two weeks prior to a scheduled program.