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*What is the New Jersey Young Film & Videomakers Festival?

The New Jersey Young Film & Videomakers Festival provides young video and filmmakers the opportunity to exhibit their works and have them evaluated by prominent representatives in the field of media arts.  Since its inception, the purpose of the Festival has been to recognize, celebrate, and encourage emerging student talent in New Jersey, the state in which Thomas Edison first developed the motion picture.

*Entry Eligibility

Individuals between 6 and 26 years of age who reside in New Jersey are eligible.  Students from New Jersey who are enrolled in schools or colleges out of the state are also eligible.  Enter in one of the following categories:

Category A – Elementary School, Middle School, or Junior High School

Category B – High School

Category C – Undergraduate College, Graduate School, or Independent

*(To be eligible in this category, you must have produced work in a non-commerical setting, and be between the ages of

18 – 26 years of age.)

*Entry Formats

Initially, entries are accepted on DVD or mini-DV, regardless of their original production format.  Later, for exhibition, works should be readily available in their intended release format:  35mm, 16mm, Super 8mm film, DVD or mini-DV.  For example, if a 16mm film is submitted on DVD, a 16mm print should be available for the Festival Tour.  If you choose to send a film print, it must be mounted on a normal reel.  Do not send film prints on cores!

*Entry Procedure

Each Entry must be accompanied by:

• One Entry Form (photocopies are fine)

• $15 Entry Fee (Checks are payable to Edison Media Arts)

• The is no minimum length, but the maximum length is 45 minutes

• Title of work, name, phone number, and e-mail of entrant must be on all materials and containers

• A synopsis describing the work with main credits

  1. Entries should be received no later than May 13, 2011

NOTE:  The festival reserves the right to impose a $15 surcharge for missing fees, bounced checks, or work received after the deadline of May 13, 2011.

Shipping Instructions

New Jersey Young Film & Videomakers Festival

c/o Media Arts Department, Fries Hall

New Jersey City University

2039 Kennedy Blvd.

Jersey City, New Jersey 07305

• Do not send via Registered or Certified mail.

  1. Do not use fiber-padded envelopes for videos or DVDs - use bubble packs please.


37th New Jersey Young Film & Videomakers Festival - DEADLINE 05.13.11

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